What we do


BisGro delivers specialised services to support the development and commercialisation of innovative products and technologies into local and global markets.

We provide strategic planning and a proven track record in accessing government grants, R&D offsets, vouchers and other incentives.

We work with a strong network of highly skilled professionals providing complementary services.

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Our approach


BisGro project manages the work program using a high quality and efficient delivery approach. Our partnering methodology delivers strategies that consider our clients’ human, financial and capital resource constraints.


Profitability and growth are enhanced by delivering strategies that assist our clients to develop and commercialise products in key domestic and overseas markets.


With a success rate of ~90% across the competitive programs, BisGro quickly determines the best measures for our clients. BisGro has a range of tailored and result driven fee options to suit our clients’ needs.


We support our clients to deliver their projects on time and within budget.

We keep our clients abreast of new opportunities as they arise.  Our clients access ongoing strategic assistance and funding over many years to leverage their costs and to help grow their businesses.

Mission & Objectives

  •  To provide expert knowledge and skills via high quality management consulting services for the planning, delivery of innovative products and technologies.
  •  To help our clients grow their businesses via new product and technology development that can take advantage of niche market opportunities, both on a local and a global scale depending on their goals.
  •  To support our clients’ cashflow and to reduce their outlays by accessing various government grants, incentives and assistance measures.