Support Available

A range of government assistance measures are available from all layers of government, each generally has a different focus with specific initiatives and some targeting specific industries.

Support is available for a range of activities covering research, development, commercialisation and infrastructure establishment supporting the growth cycle of emerging organisations.

Support is either eligibility based (e.g. R&D Tax Incentive, EMDG), whilst others are competitive based (competing for a limited pool of funds e.g. Commercialisation Australia).

Generally the eligibility programs are accessed at year end for expenses already incurred, whilst the competitive programs are accessed during a project’s duration providing ongoing cash flow for the business.

Our Services

We have expertise in:

  • Government Grants for Research, Development, Commercialisation, Export.
  • R&D Tax Incentive and R&D Tax Offset claims
  • Business Planning
  • Project Planning
  • Research and Development Strategies
  • Commercialisation Strategies
  • Corporate Structuring Analysis
  • Cash Flows, Budgeting, Financial Modelling

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